Our Story

The Willamette Valley Company is a leading-edge, multinational corporation that manufactures a wide variety of custom products throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, and South America. While our roots are in the wood products industry and go back to our inception in 1952, our expertise and solutions now encompass innovative repair materials for the transportation industry, high performance coatings for the OEM industry (visit WVCO website), and even custom robotics for multiple industries.

More than a decade ago, we were approach by key transportation professionals about developing a longer lasting material for repairing roadways and bridges. With our experience developing innovative products railroad and wood products, this challenge was soon answered with a new product called FastPatch®. After six years of development and in-field trails, FastPatch® proved to outperform and outlast traditional products, plus it was easier to install with our custom dispensing machine and easy-to-use kits. We now offer a variety of FastPatch® Systems for a wide range of pavement preservation applications.

Our Culture

We view our customers as partners and products we provide as solutions. Solutions that grow from our core value of partnering through service, innovation, and integrity. The successful development and superior performance of FastPatch® compared to traditional materials is a direct result of our listening to our customers needs, applying our innovation formulating and customer dispensing equipment, and following through with our commitments in this partnership.

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